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IT & Technology unit supports 3 Step IT business growth by providing cutting-edge technology and IT services across all 3 Step IT countries. In our SW & services development we have strong focus on customer experience and service design – we use agile methods, data analytics and high-degree of digitalisation when delivering unique IT asset management services to our customers. Our internal IT services promote industry-standard and cloud-based solutions with high availability and global reach to serve the real needs of our business. We want our IT solutions to be a key cornerstone in our global success story!

In IT & Technology unit we have teams specialising in the design and delivery of digital customer applications and global IT services. As an international team providing international services, our working language is English.


Digital Service Design
& Development 

Customer experience and customer satisfaction are at the heart of our Digital Service Design team. We engage our customers in the design cycle of our services from day one – and with the help of usability testing, service design and continuous improvement we aim at creating the best-in-breed user experience for our digital services. We ensure smooth and seamless customer experience with a unified look and feel across all 3 Step IT digital services, and make sure that it is easy and intuitive to use them. We work in close cooperation with the Digital Service Development team, and with Marketing & Sales to bring the customer's voice into our service development. 

Our Service Development unit develops well-designed, user-friendly and unique digital services using agile methods and cutting-edge technologies. In our work, we see how the world-class digital services implemented by our unit have direct impact to 3 Step IT business growth and high customer satisfaction. We are a team of highly competent UX designers, scrum masters, SW developers, testers and other service development professionals who continuously improve the processes and adapt our ways-of-working to the changing needs of our fast growing business.

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What is your typical workday like?
To put it briefly: versatile and filled with communication and interaction with others. My days consist of various different tasks like technical design, interface design, testing, reviewing, team coordination and coding.

How can you grow and develop in your own job?
In many ways, and a lot, thanks to our supportive work culture. We are constantly researching new IT trends and looking for solutions to emerging problems. New tools and technologies are a central part of my work every day. In addition to technical learning, I learn a lot about teamwork and communication with other people and stakeholders every day. Communication is important, as we need professionals from many teams to work together on finding the best solution. For example, we planned a design solution with an interface designer, which also affected the interface plan our back end was working on.

What is the most interesting thing about 3 Step IT as an employer?
The work culture. 3 Step IT listens to the employees and is open for changes and new ways of doing things. Individuals are given space and responsibilities, which leaves room for creativity and professional development. IT & Technology is an engineer-driven team, but otherwise there are a lot of professional from different backgrounds in the company. I have learned how a big organisation works and how different departments and teams support each other. Our company is very diverse, not everyone has the same education or professional background, and that means you get to meet a bunch of different people every day.


Data Services

Data Services team facilitates the use of data in a secure and compliant way to leverage business advantage and competitive edge for 3 Step IT services. Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are harnessed for our business, to spearhead e.g. advanced BI, intelligent services, and automation as part of digital transformation.

Data Services team also oversees and ensures business continuity in our services and production through administrative and technical information security, data privacy, information security architecture, identity management and training.


Service Operations

Service Operations team coordinates and carries out the technical services, activities and processes required to deliver and manage IT services to business users. Service Operations team also manages the technology that is used in 3 Step IT core business systems (marketing, sales, finance, HR, …) and in the delivery of digital services to our clients. Service Operations team provides globally the functions of Service Desk, IT Infrastructure management and IT operations management.


Workplace IT

‌Workplace IT team provides technical support for 3 Step IT employees, and ensures that IT infrastructure and services are maintained and developed according to business needs. Our responsibilities include taking care of office network, workstations, laptops, meeting room equipment as well as Microsoft cloud management.

3 Step IT


What is needed in your position?
You need to be organised and able to get along with different people. You also need to be proactive and have good problem-solving skills.

What is the best thing about your job?
You can work both independently and with your colleagues in different projects. These include, for example, various IT infrastructure development and maintenance tasks related to end-user services, application, hardware and network environments. My work is flexible and not tied to a certain place or time. The work environment is modern and it is built for different needs and situations. We have great tools and systems for flexible and efficient working.

What motivates you in your work?
A welcoming work community and close colleagues who are always ready to help in difficult and demanding situations.

Interesting tasks like IT systems support, maintenance and development, and the ability to operate in an international environment.

Continuous improvement of work environment, we are continually developing existing systems and introducing new ones that better support our business and needs.


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